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Simple DIY home workouts that let you take basketball to the next level

Whether you’re in self isolation as a result of COVID-19 or feel like you lack necessary training space and equipment, Irv Roland’s library of DIY training videos can help take your basketball skills to the next level.

Roland’s training videos feature simple exercises and skills-based drills that are designed to help improve all aspects of the game for basketball players including core, arm and leg strength, dexterity, stamina, ball handling skills and overall hand eye coordination.

Each drill and exercise is easy to follow and requires only a small amount of space – allowing viewers to train and develop their basketball skills in the comfort of their own home.

It goes to show that whether you feel as though you lack the necessary space and equipment or you’re at home in isolation as a result of COVID-19, you can keep your basketball skills sharp no matter what.

Renowned basketball coach Irv Roland fell in love with basketball early in life, feeling most at home on the court throughout high school and college. He then landed a job in the NBA with the Boston Celtics as a video intern and was drawn to the art of developing players of every age and skill level.

Roland has trained NBA players such as Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Trae Young, Devin Booker and P.J. Tucker.

Speaking to SLAM Magazine in March 2020, Roland eluded to his core belief in basketball training that rings true across every video below.

“At the end of the day, the game is still a simple one. If you execute proper form and technique, you will improve.”

View the full library of Irv Roland basketball training videos

Burpee To Plank

Sit-Up With Twist

Push-Up With Shoulder Tap

Split Jumps

Squat Jumps To Elbow Knee Tuck

Push-Up With Plank Jacks

Burpee With Squat And Push-Up

Single Leg Glute Bridge


Alt. Leg Raise With Toe Touch

Skater Hops

Smack The Ball

Tap The Ball Above The Head And Down To The Face

Wrap The Ball Around The Waist And The Legs

Form Shooting On The Floor

Wrap The Ball Around Each Leg

Sitting, Wrap The Ball Around The Thighs

Sitting, Wrap The Ball Around Each Leg

Wraps With Lunges

Wraps While Laying Down In V-Hold

Wraps While Scissoring Legs

Figure 8

Dribble Around Each Leg

Pound Dribbles

Side To Side

Front To Back

In And Out

Tight To Wide Crossovers

Behind The Back


1-2 Between

1-2 Behind

High Dribbles

Low Dribbles

Tennis Ball Toss

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